First DNA metabarcoding workshop!

Florian Leese and Vasco Elbrecht held a 3-day DNA metabarcoding workshop at the University of Duisburg-Essen last week. We explored and explained the challenges and approaches to utilize DNA metabarcoding to answer scientific questions and improve environmental monitoring. After one day of explaining the theoretical background behind our laboratory routines and bioinformatics pipelines, the participants processed a complete high throughput dataset on their own computers in the two-day hands-on bioinformatics lab.

We would like to thank all colleagues and friends attending, for their great discussions and fun time. See you on the next workshop! Maybe end of 2016?

IMG_2093 Foto 1: Colleagues and friends attending our first metabarcoding workshop 2015

IMG_2085Foto 2: Vasco  explains how tagswitching between samples can cause problems in DNA metabarcoding.

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