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Conference video: Metabarcoding primer development

We have presented our latest research in DNA metabarcoding and primer development at the annual meeting for freshwater science in Sacramento. A YouTube video is available below, with a PrePrint also being available here.

We are currently focusing on development and optimisation of DNA metabarcoding primers. As part of this process we have developed the R package “PrimerMiner” (GitHub) which can be used to obtain and process sequence data from BOLD and NCBI databases.

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Video Tutorial: How we dry and grind samples for DNA metabarcoding!

The first step for DNA metabarcoding of invertebrate kick samples from stream ecosystems is sample homogenisation. The samples often contain hundreds of organisms which have to be dried and then homogenised, to assure that the DNA of all specimens in mixed. Only then every individual in the sample can be detected, extracting just a small subset of the ground tissue. We are using the IKA ULTRA-TURRAX Tube Drive control system for tissue grinding, as discussed in a previous video. In this new video we are detailing the complete process from sample handling, drying over night and grinding using invertebrate kick samples from Finland.

DNA metabarcoding talks in Bonn and Landau + Video

In January, Vasco Elbrecht was invited to present our latest DNA metabarcoding results at the Museum Koenig (Bonn) and the University of Landau. The talk held in Landau is available on YouTube.
The presented projects will be summited for publication shortly, but we are happy to share primers and information per E-Mail.

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Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 13.45.15Photo: Vasco Elbrecht in front of the Savanna landscape at the museum Koenig.